This is the sound of a good quality, properly maintained piano. It is perfectly in tune, and all mechanisms are operating as they should. The quality of the instrument, along with consistent, conscientious care, results in a sonority that is unforgettable. Arthur Rubenstein had no complaints with this concert grand. His Chopin performance was flawless.



One would hope that your piano sounds better than this one. But, there may be hope with good maintenance. Intonation is quite far afield, putting the condition of the pin block, sound board, strings and mechanism all in question. An analysis of the condition of the instrument, and the environment in which it is kept, would be the first step. A continuing maintenance plan should be adopted after repairs are done. Once the basics are addressed, this piano might live to sound good again. Undoubtedly, because it is not in very good condition, this may require several visits to get in up to par again. A440 Piano Service can provide a comprehensive inspection and the needed work.



Can anyone remember when this piano last felt the touch of a piano technician, or benefited from any loving care? This is an extreme example of what can happen to a piano if maintenance and general care considerations are neglected too long. This piano is probably beyond repair. If repair is possible, it may not be economically feasible. Let A440 Piano Service help with a recommended continuing maintenance program that can keep your piano in good shape for years to come.

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