I came into the piano service business reluctantly. I was working at a music store where I would occasionally fix a mechanical problem on a piano and try to tune it back up after the repairs. A local RPT (Registered Piano Technician) used to visit me regularly, advise me, double-check my work and encourage me to learn to tune pianos. I resisted. He persisted. He finally made me an offer I couldn't refuse and he taught me to tune in a rudimentary but acceptable way and mentored me through my first year or so of tuning and repairs.

Since that initial introduction I've joined the Piano Technicians Guild, attended numerous classes, seminars, workshops and even received factory training from Yamaha's 'Little Red Schoolhouse.' I've taken and passed the PTG's demanding series of exams and earned the RPT designation. I continue to study. Piano technology is a lifetime learning craft. And I continue to improve upon and expand my skill set.

Almost as exciting and valuable as the lifetime learning journey in piano technology is the circle of friends I've made in the industry. I have a great circle of mentors now that includes some of the best technicians, suppliers and manufacturers the piano world has ever known and they are more than willing to share their expertise when I encounter any new challenge.

John Dorr

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